Branch Lines

Branch Lines around Lydney

including Coleford and Lydbrook

ISBN:978 1 906008 26 0
First Published:01 April 2008
Last Reprinted:19 October 2013
Authors:Vic Mitchell & Keith Smith
Dimensions:240 x 174 mm
Book Info:

96 Pages
120 Photographs
Large Scale Maps
Other details of local history



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The journey starts at Berkeley Road and dwells at length at Sharpness Docks, which had two swing bridges. Another one follows on the approach to the long lost Severn Bridge. A look at the modern Dean Forest Railway is accompanied by a visit to many of the numerous colliery lines which were hidden in the forest. The nostalgic trip over a very complex network ends at Cinderford.

Stations and Locations covered in this book:

Berkeley Road1-5
Sharpness Docks15-20
Severn Bridge21-27
Lydney Junction28-37
Lydney Engine Shed38-41
Lydney Docks42-43
St Marys Halt44-46
Lydney Town47-54
Tufts Junction60
Parkend Goods Branch73-75
Coleford Branch77-78
Speech House Road88-95
Cannop Colliery (Wimberry Branch)96-98
Serridge Junction99-100
Speculation Colliery101-102
Upper Lydbrook103-105
Lower Lydbrook106-108
Lydbrook Junction109-110
Drybrook Road111
New Fancy Pit112-113
Cinderford Junction114-115

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