Eastern Main Lines

Ely to Norwich

ISBN:978 1 901706 90 1
First Published:01 August 2002
Last Reprinted:20 March 2020
Authors:Richard Adderson & Graham Kenworthy
Series Editor:Vic Mitchell
Dimensions:240 x 174 mm
Book Info:

96 Pages
120 Photographs
Large Scale Maps
Other details of local history



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Some long forgotten junctions and several closed stations feature in this volume. Other items of special interest are the former sidings for special traffic, such as mustard and vegetables.

Stations and Locations covered in this book:

Ely North Junction4-7
Padnal Siding8-9
Shippea Hill10-20
Two Mile Bottom Siding35-37
Thetford West Junction47
Roudham Junction48-51
Harling Road52-56
Eccles Bridge (Goods)57
Eccles Road58-66
Spooner Row76-80
Trowse Lower Junction105-107
Trowse (Carrow Works)113
Trowse Swing Bridge114-116
Norwich Thorpe117-120

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