Eastern Main Lines

Newcastle to Alnmouth

and the Amble branch

ISBN:978 1 910356 36 4
First Published:23 November 2019
Authors:Roger Darsley & Dennis Lovett
Dimensions:240 x 174 mm
Book Info:

96 Pages
120 Photographs
Large Scale Maps
Other details of local history



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This journey on one of the country’s premier routes, leaves Newcastle Central and travels through the city’s northern suburbs, then the collieries of the county's south east coalfield to end at Alnmouth in the history and beauty of Northumberland.


'This familiar Middleton Press format lends itself to multiple volumes that build to form a whole, but this book has the feel of a self-contained title, and such is the diverse nature of the Amble branch and the 34 miles of main line being covered that it will appeal to the observer on many levels.'
(Steam Days, January 2020)

'The hardback offering takes us on the journey as it once was, station by station, using striking archive and modern photos, old maps, images of vintage tickets and contemporary adverts, and is packed with engrossing, well-researched detail. The photographs here are just a small selection of the dozens in the book, illustrating the main points of interest between Newcastle and Alnmouth over the last century and more.'
(Newcastle Chronicle, 10th December 2019)

'Apart from the scarcely-remembered five mile branch to Amble, the latest Middleton offering is unusual in covering a fully operational section of the modern inter-city railway network traversed by the very latest trains at speeds of 125mph. There is a place for reflection however, and what is clearly seen from this 'now and then' image collection is just how much classic North Eastern architectural artistry has been swept away over the last half century.'
(Steam World, January 2020)


Stations and Locations covered in this book:

Newcastle Central 1-14
Manors 15-23
Heaton 24-36
Little Benton 37
Benton Quarry Junction 38-42
Forest Hall 43-45
Killingworth 46-53
Annitsford 54-55
Dudley Colliery 56
Cramlington 57-61
Plessey 62-65
Stannington 67-70
Morpeth 71-79
Pegswood 80-84
Longhirst 85-87
Widrington 88-92
Chevington 93-96
Broomhill 97-99
Amble 100-104
Acklington 105-106
Warkworth 108-1110
Alnmouth 111-115, 117-120
Alnmouth for Alnwick 116

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