Midland Main Lines

Marylebone to Rickmansworth

including the Watford Branch

ISBN:978 1 904474 49 4
First Published:01 February 2005
Last Reprinted:27 June 2015
Authors:Vic Mitchell & Keith Smith
Dimensions:240 x 174 mm
Book Info:

96 Pages
120 Photographs
Large Scale Maps
Other details of local history



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The Southern part of the final main line between London and the Midlands was closely associated with the Metropolitan Railway and thus both are illustrated extensively in this volume, which also includes the connection to Northolt Junction. The trains included range from Sheffield expresses to local electrics and freights to suburban coal yards.

Stations and Locations covered in this book:

Finchley Road19
West Hampstead20
Willesden Green23-24
Dollis Hill25-26
Neasden Shed32-34
Neasden South Junction35-40
Neasden Depot41-45
Wembley Stadium46-50
Wembley Hill51-59
Sudbury & Harrow Road60-62
Sudbury Hill (Harrow)63-67
Northolt Park68-69
Northolt Junction70
Wembley Park71-74
Preston Road75
Northwick Park76
Harrow on the Hill77-85
North Harrow86
Northwood Hills91-93
Moor Park98-105

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