Narrow Gauge

Portugal Narrow Gauge

from Porto to Pomerao

by John Organ

Until the final decade of the 20th Century, Portugal boasted one of the most extensive narrow gauge railway networks in Europe. In addition, steam locomotives remained in regular service until the late 1970s, which resulted in the country gaining a reputation as a magnet for enthusiasts over a long period of time. Sadly all this was to end by the turn of the century, with only a few isolated routes operated by railcars remaining in use. This album illustrates the many systems actively at work between 1955 and 2005, with a diverse collection of motive power working amid stunning scenery and interesting locations.

Book Details

John Organ
Narrow Gauge
Middleton Press Ltd
01 January 2010
240 x 174 mm
96 pages
120 photographs
large scale maps
other details of local history

Stations & Locations

Stations Photo
Araujo 1.32
Boa Vista Depot 1.6-1.10
Fafe 1.36-1.37
Famalicao 1.38-1.39
Francos 1.11
Lousado Depot 1.35
Matosinhos 1.13-1.14
Muro 1.34
Porto Trindade 1.1-1.5
Povoa de Varzim 1.24-1.28
Senhora da Hora 1.12,1.15-1.21,1.29-1.31,1.40
Vila do Conde bridge 1.22-1.23
Alvacoes 2.15-2.17
Amarante 2.3
Arcode Baulhe 2.5
Azibo 2.45
Canedo 2.4
Carrazedo 2.18-2.20
Chaves 2.29-2.31
Duas Igrejas 2.54-2.55
Livracao 2.1-2.2
Mirandela 2.38-2.44
Pochinho 2.47-2.53,4.8
Regua 2.6-2.13
Rossas 2.46
Samarda 2.28
Tanha Viaduct 2.14
Tua 2.32-2.36
Vila Real 2.21-2.27
Vilarinho 2.37
Espinho 3.1-3.4
Fatauncos 3.13
Mocamedes 3.14
Parada de Gonta 3.20
Santa Comba Dao 3.21
Sernada do Vouga 3.5-3.12,3.22,4.4,4.9
Viseu 3.15-3.19
Boa Vista Depot 4.2-4.3
Boa Vista Depot 4.1
Chaves 4.7
Livracao 4.5
Porto Trinlade 4.6
Viseu 4.1
Aljustrel Ore Mines 5.1-5.2
Pomerao 5.4-5.6
Sao Domingos 5.3