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Narrow Gauge

Vivarais Revisited

Ardèche and Haute-Loire regions

by John Organ

The metre gauge Vivarais and Lozère railways were justifiably renowned as among the finest narrow gauge systems in Europe. With a combined total length of 250km (156 miles) during their formative years, they featured extensive civil engineering structures, powerful locomotives and wonderful scenery. Two sections of this once extensive railway system have survived as tourist operations, being regarded as among the finest of their type in mainland Europe. The Tournon based Chemin de Fer du Vivarais is twinned with the Ffestiniog Railway, thereby linking the premier narrow gauge railways of France and Great Britain.

Book Details

John Organ
Vic Mitchell
Narrow Gauge
Middleton Press Ltd
01 July 2007
240 x 174 mm
96 pages
120 photographs
large scale maps
other details of local history

Stations & Locations

Stations Photo
Boucieu le Roi 1.9, 3.5,4.19-4.21,4.47,4.51,4.53-4.54
Doux Gorge 1.3,4.36-4.37,4.56
Dunieres 1.15,5.19
Florac 1.16,2.8
Intres Viaduct 1.5
Le Cheylard 1.2,1.7,1.11
Les Nonieres 1.10
Les Ollieres 1.6
Raucoules Brossettes 1.14,2.10,5.5,5.9
Rouve Jalcreste 1.21
St.Agreve 1.1,1.4,5.2,5.15-5.15,5.18,5.22
St.Cecile d'Andorge 1.18-1.20
St.Martin de Valamas 1.8
St.Privat de Vallongue 1.17
Tence 1.12,2.7,3.6,3.8,5.3-5.4,5.10,5.17
Tournon 1.13,2.2,2.6,3.4,4.1-4.9,4.40-4.46,4.48-4.49
Colombier le Vieux 2.4,4.16-4.18,4.35
Lamastre 2.3,2.9,2.11,3.1-3.3,3.7,4.25-4.33,4.52,4.55
Le Crotoy 2.1
St.Jean de Muzols 2.5,4.10-4.11
Banchet Viaduct 4.23
Douce Plage 4.12-4.15,4.38-4.39,4.50
La Chappelle 4.22
Le Plat 4.34
Monteil 4.24
Argentat 5.1
Bourg Argental 5.23
Dunieres Ville 5.7
Le Chambon 5.12
Le Chambon sur Lignon 5.13,5.21
Montfaucon 5.6
Bligny 6.5-6.7
Meyzieu 6.1-6.3
Sault Brenag 6.4