Northern Lines

Wennington to Morecambe and Heysham

via Lancaster

by Roy Davies

A new Middleton Press album takes a look at the former main line from Wennington to Morecambe and Heysham. This area west of Lancaster, covering approximately nine square miles, has over time boasted two competing railway companies, two harbours, ten stations, over a dozen signal boxes and extensive freight and passenger services. On the approach to Lancaster, the line passed a carriage and wagon works, munitions factory and a power station that were all rail-served. Across the River Lune there was another munitions factory, an oil refinery and chemical plant, two gasworks and a nuclear power station, again all rail-served. The area was host to an electrified suburban rail system for over half a century from the early 1900s and, later, pioneered overhead line electrification that became the national standard.
   Much of the network and infrastructure have disappeared, save for one or two prominent landmarks. Today the area is served by regular passenger workings from Leeds, Skipton and Lancaster, one of which is the daily boat train to Heysham Port.



'Features a more eclectic mix of traction than the other titles reviewed including, as it does, the early 6.6kV 25 Hz AC overhead electric system around the Lancaster, Morecambe and Heysham area... A very interesting book.'
(The Journal of the Stephenson Locomotive Society,
No.931 Vol.97, Sept/Oct 2021)

'Whiffs of Morecambe Bay (good and less so) pervade a Middleton Press album that covers a relatively tiny area of railway lines that is well remembered for its pioneering suburban electrics that evolved into the national standard.'
(Howard Johnston, Steam World, Issue 413, November 2021)

Book Details

Roy Davies
Northern Lines
Middleton Press Ltd
24 July 2021
20 June 2024
240 x 174 mm
96 Pages
120 Photographs
Large Scale Maps
Other details of local history

Stations & Locations

Stations Photo
Wennington 1-7
Hindburn Bridge 8
Hornby 9-10
Caton 11-14
Halton 16-22
Lancaster Green Ayre 30-37
Lancaster MPD 38-40
Lancaster Castle Spur 41-43
Lancaster Castle 44-48
Scale Hall 54-58
Torrisholme Junction 60
Hest Bank Junction 61-63
Morecambe 64-67, 112-115
Morecambe Harbour 68-70
Morecambe Promenade 71-88
Heysham Harbour 100-104
Heysham Port 105-106
Heysham Harbour Goods 107-111
Bare Lane (1994) 116-118
Lancaster (1994) 119
Hest Bank (1994) 120