Northern Lines

Preston to Lancaster

West Coast Main Lines

by Roy Davies

 Take the 21 mile trip from Preston to Lancaster today and you will experience a smooth journey taking under twenty minutes but back in the 1840s it was a very bumpy ride due to a multitude of problems. The route was host to a number of intermediate stations now all gone but, 
for anyone with a keen eye, this album will help identify some of those former landmarks. It also includes some rarely seen shots of the original line from the south into Lancaster along with extensive coverage of Preston station.



'There is so much to see and say about Preston station and its environs that over half of this Middleton partwork is devoted to it, past and present...
   ...Longer than usual captions clearly demonstrate the author's local knowledge.'
(Howard Johnston, Steam World, Issue 426, December 2022)

'Is there sufficient material to produce a book to cover such a short distance of railway? The answer is a resounding yes....
   ...Sprinkled throughout the book are facsimile images of old tickets and advertisements. Such is the fascination of the photographs and informative captions it is easy to pass over them which would be a pity as they certainly add further interest to an already excellent book.'
(, Malcolm Chattwood, November 2022)

'The section of photographs across the three volumes will appeal to both young and old alike.'
(SLS Journal, November/December 2022, No.938, Vol.98 - review on Liverpool to Runcorn, Bolton to Preston & Preston to Lancaster)

'The book depends strongly on its photographs owing much to two local stalwarts, Ron Herbert and Noel Machell.
It highlights two key stations and those much less well known that once lay between them.'
(The Railway Observer, February 2023, Vol.93, No.1128)

Book Details

Roy Davies
Northern Lines
Middleton Press Ltd
24 September 2022
240 x 174 mm
96 Pages
120 Photographs
Large Scale Maps
Other details of local history

Stations & Locations

Stations Photo
Preston FC, 1-54
Galgate BC, 84-89
Oxheys 55-58
Barton & Broughton 59-63
Brock 64-66
Garstang & Catterall 67-76
Scorton 77-80
Bay Horse 81-83
Lancaster (L&PJR) 90-99
Lancaster 100-120