Map of the Severn Valley Railway 1887

This picturesque image captures the scenic route of the historic Severn Valley Railway as it was during Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee year, 1887. Adjacent railway lines are also detailed along with the Industrial Landscapes of the time. Many coal mines and furnaces that lit up the sky at night are shown around Coalbrookdale and the famous Iron Bridge Gorge, now a World Heritage Site.

To the left of the route map are three fine illustrations, the first captures Shrewsbury as it looked around the early 1860’s, an early steam train embarking from the station along the Severn Valley. The middle image shows the famous Iron Bridge shortly after its opening, the bottom illustration captures the historic town of Bridgenorth,  well known for its famous high and low towns.

To the right the principal stations of the Severn Valley Railway are marked in miles along the route, from Shrewsbury to Hartlebury. The crest of the Great West Railway is shown along with early period images of Hartlebury Castle and Worcester Cathedral.

Today the Heritage Steam Railway runs along part of the original route, from Bridgenorth Station via Bewdley to Kidderminster Station along the Kidderminster loop line.

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